Next Computing, portable hardware

Aprasys distributes Next Computing hardware in Spain. While ordinary hardware is not designed for the unique demands of specialized industry, Next Computing goes beyond the ordinary designing hight performance computers and portable hardware able to deal with space limitations.

High-Speed Portables

Portable workstations are designed for having performance with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re streaming HD graphics on-site at a championship game, testing aeronautics on-board a stealth fighter, reviewing diagnostic images at home, or demonstrating the powerful features of high-end software in a client’s boardroom.

There are two product lines for that: Radious and NextDimension, both with the latest multi-core processors from Intel® with high memory capacity, massive high-speed internal storage arrays, and support for multiple full-sized PCI expansion cards. They are flexible, highly modular and customizable.



Hight-Density Rackmounts provide  enterprise-class server computing in smaller spaces than traditional. Whether you perform 3D rendering, military simulation, video encoding, or a host of other tasks, we can help you design a rackmount solution that maximizes performance per cubic inch.

Rackmounts are as flexible than Workstations and NextComputer ensures  that the system you buy today will be available for years to come.

Nucleus RM

Next Computing is an AMD, Intel and Nvidia partner, the best hardware developers.

Next Computing