Radar Simulator Host Mode

Aprasys may supply a number of software modules to control the radar simulator from a PC. Modules may be available under Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • Low level C++ API to set parameters and send data for simulation
  • RSGNet as software module that receive messages from a user application. It filters out all the complexity of using the low level API and allow the user send command with target data and radar parameters. The messages and send over the network with a very simple text protocol.
  • Corneon, as software application that includes a graphics user interface. The graphics interface is quite similar to GIS application, where the user may set the radar and define targets motion paths.

Main features:

  • Control of several RSG200: all radars in different allocations may look at the same targets
  • Generation of land video from SRMT30 elevation data (Surface radar Topography Mission)
  • Clutter generation
  • Generation of target video from low resolution 3d models

Corneon and RSGnet may connect to more than one RSG200, on a way that it is possible to set up an scenario where several radars looks at the same targets.

Toruville class frigate

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