Pulse Radar Simulator

Radar Simulator

RSG200 is an open standards-based high performance solution for radar simulation. The radar simulator is available as turnkey solution ready for deployment. The RSG200 system provides the complete functionality required to integrate and implement a wide range of radar simulation for demanding engineering and training sessions.

Typically users install the radar simulator into their system and attach radar, display and network interfaces to it, configuring, controlling and monitoring the system with the integrated touch screen but there are some other customers that prefer to control the using form host PC that run a dedicated software application.  Aprasys has designed RSG200 with the optimal price and performance balance required by rapid simulation requirements.


Radar Signal Generator

RSG200 supports radar rotation up to 120 rpm and supplies ARP (Azimuth Reset Pulse), ACP(Azimuth Change Pulse), Trigger pulse, pre-trigger pulse and radar video. The signals are supplied in a number of different formats including RS422, parallel and analog singled ended.

RSG200 includes a full set of parameters to program the PRF (Pulse Repetition Frequency), width of the transmission pulse, and amplitude and duty-cycle of the rotation signals. The video output can be generated either from the internal dedicated hardware or from a user application running on a separated PC

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