Vizup, 3D model optimization software

Vizup is a company specialiced in computer graphics software, including solutions for 3D model optimization, polygon decimation and on-line visualization. The company has develops 3D optimization technology for large polygonal and point cloud models. Vizup 3D model optimization solutions reduce model-processing times, lower storage/bandwidth requirements and improve on-line visualization experience.

Modelo optimizado

Vizup solutions have been created for online 3D modeling communities and marketplaces who need save bandwith, increase upload/download speed and reduce storage requirements without sacrifice quality. They are using in CAD/CAM and 3D design, medical applications, virtual reality and trainning simulators.

Vizup Ultimate 3D Model optimization

More than 500 clients have validated Ultimate 3D Vizup technology, from individual designers to start-ups, SMB and big CAD/CAM companies, 3D design, VR/AR, animation and videogames develop industries.

Vizup Desktop

Vizup Desktop Standard is designed specially for game developers, architects, and 3D designers.  Supports OBJ, VRML and STL file formats.

Vizup SDK

Provides advanced 3D mesh optimization, topology repair and polygon reduction capabilities for integration into third-party software. Developers of 3D-scanners, CAD/CAM, 3D Design, Architectural and other 3D computer graphics software can now decrease model size and improve 3D rendering performance by taking advantage of Vizup mesh optimization technology in their products.

The C++ API is avaliable for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit versions) and Linux (Ubuntu, Amazon AMI, custom is avaliable upon request).

Vizup Web

Coming soon, Vizup Web will be platform independent and cloud based.

It is possible to visit  GrabCAD engineering community. GrabCAD has recently introduced new “3D View” functionality that allows users to see library models in 3D in a browser. To have their models available for 3D view, the engineers have to export a model in STL format and upload it to the GrabCAD web site. STL export from most CAD tools produces huge oversampled mesh that takes hours to upload and 20-40 minutes for 3D visualization. The case study shows that by using Vizup advanced polygon decimation technology, the users could reduce STL models by 95% without any visual quality degradation.

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