15 Years processing radar data!

Aprasys was founded in 2005, as a totally Spanish and completely private company, by an engineer with 10 years of experience in the field of radar systems applications, through developments of electronic devices and software applications.

In its origins, the scope of clients was limited to the Spanish market, but over time, and due to the communication facilities, Aprasys has been introduced in the international market, as some of our clients demonstrate.

Most of the projects in which Aprasys intervenes are related to the integration of civil and military radars into existing systems that require access to video information, for the detection of objects in the water, to track targets, Autonomous navigation aid, to name a few examples.

The vast majority of customers who contact us do so with one of the following reasons:

  • They are looking for a way to integrate a legacy radar, maritime or surveillance, with other subsystems for multitracking, near field oil spill detection, small objects floating o the sea or low cost drone detection.
  • Generally the client is not specialized in radar processes and does not have the resources or the engineering necessary to undertake the project they have.

What make us differents?

Custom Solutions

We solve the impossible as we have the ability to develop special electronic devices, including a single unit, and new applications and algorithms to help you with your project.

Spealized Consultants

We may provide you with course trainning, written material, algorithms and source code

We are international

Based in Tres Cantos, Spain, we move around the world to perform installations and make assessments of the needs of the project