15 Years processing radar data!

Portable Radar Signal Generator

The Nautilus25 is a battery powered, light weight, portable and compact system that generates radar signals and provides an interface to a wide range of radar signal types in a compact and small aluminum painted box.

It uses a 12bit microprocessor to generate the radar signals, which are passed to an output board that adapts to the required levels and output interfaces.

The unit is completely configurable by using a 4.3 inches touch screen that includes 6 different pages, listed below:

    • Home (to return to the main page)
    • Video (set of video rings with programmable separation and width)
    • Trigger signal, with programmable frequency and duty cycle.
    • ACP, with programmable number of pulses per scan and programmable duty cycle
    • ARP, with programmable period and programmable duty cycle
    • CFG (configuration), to change the settings

Output signals for ACP, ARP and Trigger pulses are RS422, and video signals are single ended 5 volts/75 Ohms.

All signals are available through a SUB-D15 female connector.