15 Years processing radar data!

Sehirus is a field proven software application for plot extraction, radar tracking, video distribution and shore line extraction, and mainly focused in VTS systems and naval applications. Sehirus uses adaptive algorithms supported by an engineering display to provide a powerful system that may be configured for different installations and requirements.


Sehirus may receive the radar data across the network from a radar capturer device as Neophron or could be directly connected to a radar as HALO from Navico. Once the data has been processed, Sehirus may output across the network the radar video streams, track reports and points of the shore line extracted from the radar video.


The application is configured at the start-up by a set of parameters, that can be modified at run-time either by the controls on the engineering display or remote control commands that are sent to Sehirus from a client running on the same or remote computer.


One of the key Sehirus characteristic is that it is composed of a number of modules connected through one or more user configurable pipes. The maintainer of the system may install the number he needs, and selecting the order in which the processes will be performed. If more than one pipeline is established, Sehirus is transformed into a Multitracker System, in which each tracker can be configured with different parameters, for example, one for tracking small targets with high grade of maneuverability, and another for larger targets size with slower handles


The application has no limit on the number of tracks it can handle, beyond the memory capacity and computational limits of the system.